The goal of the National Dance Council of Canada is to bring Canada’s dance community together by providing valuable resources and information.

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A mission of collaboration

The mission of the NDCC consists of two distinct elements. The NDCC exists to unite Canada’s two main professional ballroom dancing organizations. The organization also has the mandate of registering amateurs who wish to compete in NDCC recognized events in Canada, as well as many other events throughout the world.

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Truly Canadian Resources

This website provides a variety of valuable resources for Canadian dancers. You’ll find a directory of listings for instructors, adjudicators, dance studios and scrutineers. This makes it easy for the dance community to access the resources needed to expand the experience. You’ll also find lists of Canadian competitions. Use the search area above or select categories from the options below to find the resources you need. This information can be searched either by category or by region. Maps at the top of each category listing help you quickly locate the ones closest to you. Note that we are currently in the process of developing French translations throughout the site. When that is complete, all content will be available in both of our country’s two official languages. Please be patient as our resources are limited.

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