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The NDCC would like to recognize all 9 and 10 Dance Champions for 2018. These titles were achieved at the NDCC Canadian Closed Championships held in Gatineau, QC August 24-25, 2018. Congratulations to all these couples.

Amateur International 10-Dance Champions

Juvenile: Andrew Timchenko/Barbara Smodleva

Junior: Pavel Ivanov/Katerina Novotarska

Youth: Victor Zavialov/Nicole Konchin

Under 21: Victor Zavialov/Nicole Konchin

30+: Francis Gauthier/Anouck Fournier

40+: Jean-Francois Rousseau/Nathalie Ladouceur

50+: Victor Tsemko/Sylvie Bourguignon

16+: Simeon Vassilev/Dimitrina Vassileva

Pro/Am Canadian 9-Dance Champions

A Division: Nathalie Vuong/Volvick Edouard

B Division: Alicia Havryluk/Dmytro Gurkov

C Division: Allison Bent/Vadim Safonov

Pro/Am Canadian 10-Dance Champions

A Division: Pamela Hewitt/Yuriy Shelkovyy

B Division: Donna Hammerschmidt/Ryan Anderson

C Division: Joanne Walford/Jean-Philippe Milot

Professional 10-Dance Champions

Ivan Piwovara/Irina Khanova

Professional 9-Dance Champions

Dmytro Gurkov/Celeste Bailey

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